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Colonel Gumm moves out of the Pink Chip Stamps Factory, taking its owner Pinky Pinkston along as a hostage. A message hidden by Miss Pinkston in a bowl of alphabet soup directs Batman and Robin to the International Stamp Exhibition. Though the Green Hornet and Kato will be attending to try to expose Colonel Gumm, Batman and Robin believe they are out for personal profit. The misunderstanding has the two sets of crime fighters fighting each other while the real criminal nearly makes off with the exhibition's rare and valuable stamps.
"Batman's Satisfaction" again combines two sets of crime fighters, as the Caped Crusaders are joined by The Green Hornet (Van Williams) and Kato (Bruce Lee) working in Gotham City on the trail of counterfeit Pink Chip Stamp Factory foreman Colonel Gumm (Roger C. Carmel), who has apparently succeeded in blocking, gumming, and perforating the Hornet into a life sized human stamp now thumbtacked to the wall. Batman manages to allow his fellow crime fighters to escape their death trap, then go on their way for a final showdown at a stamp exhibition in the Constellation Room at the Gotham Towers West. Colonel Gumm shows up in yet another clever disguise, this time as Argentine collector Senor Barboza, owner of the famous Howling Monkey stamp, but with two sets of heroes in the vicinity he and his men don't stand a chance. Batman and The Green Hornet take jabs at each other, not a single one landing, while Kato gets at least one flying kick at Robin, sending the Boy Wonder sprawling! Bruce Lee enjoyed a phony running feud with Burt Ward, who had claimed great prowess in the art of karate but wisely kept his distance from the masterful Lee, one crew member cracking him up off camera with this remark: "the black panther and the yellow chicken!" The 'Visiting Hero' and 'Assistant Visiting Hero' make a quiet exit before Batman easily captures Gumm with barely a whimper. This two parter couldn't save the Green Hornet from cancellation, while Colonel Gumm proved to be too far out for the Hornet, yet too ordinary for Batman. In his various guises, Roger C. Carmel is as delightful as he was playing Harry Mudd in STAR TREK's "Mudd's Women" and "I, Mudd," but in deemphasizing his character as 'Special Guest Villain,' continues to be among the show's least appreciated bad guys. The Batclimb cameo comes from legendary Hollywood gangster actor Edward G. Robinson, discussing his real life passion for art with the Dynamic Duo, his dislike for the pretensions of Andy Warhol, and a plug for the Mona Lisa.
I was probably 7 years old when I saw this episode. I was a fan of both shows and now I wish they would put it on DVD so we all can share in the magic of TV and, to watch this 2 episodes of Batman vs. The Green Hornet. The fight scene was the best in television. I would to have loved to see a winner, but Hollywood copped out and made it a Mexican Standoff. I hope TV Land start showing Batman again so that kids of this generation can enjoy this type of entertainment. If you find this particular episode? Then get it! It would be worth it. Green Hornet was probably a little more violent than Batman, but it was effective. It must have not found it's audience. Batman last 3 years so, maybe the Green Hornet could have made it that long if it only been on at the right time. If I remember correctly the Green Hornet followed Batman. My problem was that I had to go to bed at 9 p.m. Get ready for school. I think we all should get the producers of the show to release the show for DVD format for generations to come. Maybe we can get that magic back!

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